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Sep 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
is not under the power of the government, of the administration. they have their own laws and that's what they follow. and we have no interference in that. and the government has paved the way for the highest form of freedom for all people, and you see that comfortably people criticize, people sometimes trespass the border lines of proper protest and they insult one another. as a president, i'm in the middle of the people of iran without drawing any borders, without drawing any red lines, and we converse. >> right. but this isn't just any protester. this could be your daughter in the future. it is the daughter of your predecessor, the president. a fairly significant moment that she has been imprisoned. do you feel uncomfortable that this lady is in jail? >> translator: you see, let's separate the t arguments, the two topics. the fact that whether i'm happy at anyone going to prison, no, never. never. no one should go to prison. but also keep in mind that in any country, everyone must be treated equally under the laws. no one must have or must receive special treatment because of having be
Oct 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
-- no one thinks israel is about to drop a bomb on tehran. so, the difference is this is a government with a record of supporting terror and look, no one talks about this very much, but if they had a nuclear weapon, they would be too dangerous. even if you believe they would never use it. if you believe they are sane and rational and their country, their civilization would be destroyed if they dropped a bomb on someone because everyone would know it and the retaliation would be incomprehensible. even if you believe that, too bad things will happen. a lot of their neighbors will get bombs. the more of these weapons you have hanging around, the more material you have, the more it will be stolen or sold or transferred to terrorists. that brings me to the second point, which is that iran has all these extensive contacts with terrorist groups and even if the government didn't sanction it, it wouldn't be that much trouble to get girl scout cookies worth of material -- it's enough to take out 20% to 25% of washington, d.c. just that little bit. so, the prospect of spreading, in a way, dirty
Sep 30, 2012 9:00pm PDT
a bomb on tehran. the difference is this is a government with a record of supporting terror. no one talking about this very much but if they had a nuclear weapon they would be very dangerous. even if they never use it. even if you believe that too bad things will happen if they get a bomb. that brings me to the second point that iran has the extensive contacts with terrorist groups. it put in the same fertilizer bomb that timmy mcvey used in oklahoma city. just that little bit. the prospect of spreading in a way dirty nuclear bombs with smaller payloads that would reek havoc and do unfold damage goes up every time some new country gets this capacity and you don't have any control over and you don't know whether they do over what happens to the fiscal material. >> if israel was to launch a strike because they believe that iran is right on the cusp of developing a nuclear weapon. if they do that what should america's response be? >> i shouldn't answer that question because of my wife's position. that's the president and security team desire of a decision to make. i generally have conf
Sep 27, 2012 12:00am PDT
with this huge issue add to that the governments that have fallen, the new structures and these issues at the same time, it is not going to be easy. and we are taking action. it is more about having ladders of opportunity. we are working with partners and with the clinton initiative. we want to tap into the resources of many partners around the world. this is great. this is a food university. what is happening with farming is that the average age of farmers is 60. we are trying to bring cool back to farming to the university. the whole supply chain and we are bringing people around the world. we want to have it in africa. 60%. how are we going to feed them? 60% of amazing crops are stuck in africa and unused. and so we want to tap into that. we want to have it in the best way possible it is about technology and agriculture making farming cool again where young people come back into that field. >> we want female drivers for the tractors. >> hopefully yes. >> when we come back i'll ask my all-star panel is america the world leader it should be and speaking of all-stars, look at that audi
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to self-governance. >> do you believe in a two-state solution? >> translator: about the decision of the people of palestine, i cannot express an opinion. that is their prerogative. >> he certainly didn't suggest he ever wanted a two-state solution to this and i don't think he would be the one you would want to try to muddle through this. you are one of the key people to muddle through this and get some kind of deal. mahmoud abbas from the palestinian authority today was pretty similar to what ahmadinejad said. he said it's a campaign of ethnic cleansing, the palestinian people, by demolition of homes, prevention of construction, denial of services, and so on. the real sense i was getting, netanyahu barely mentioned any kind of peace deal today in his speech with the palestinians, you get a sense that the peace deal has never been further away. am i wrong to feel so pessimistic? >> well, it's understandable, people are pessimistic at the moment. the truth is, though, if we recharge this political process and got it back under way again, then the two-state solution which is the onl
Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm PDT
proposed a path. the path is to recognize the right of the palestinians to self-governance. >> you see, that's kind of what i'm talking about, where all these things are interwoven. they have the iranian leader basically using the plight of the palestinians as a justification for his, as he puts it, anti-zionist regime position. >> it's a phony argument. he regards the occupation as all of israel from 1948 on, and the killing. look at how many people iran has killed, how much blood they have on their hands. israel has had fewer civilian casualties than any country in the history of warfare since its establishment in 1948 because it doesn't believe in mutually assured destruction. it believes in preemptive military surgical attacks which worked in syria, it worked in iraq and hopefully it won't have to work in iran, because the iranians will have the good sense to realize that when president obama looked me in the eye and said alan, i don't bluff, and i'm telling you that iran will not be able to develop nuclear weapons. the iranians better believe that. if they don't, they're acting at
Sep 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
to that the governments that have fallen, the new structures, civil society, all of these issues at the same time, it's not going to be easy. it all takes action. we're taking action. we're starting an initiative called up for unity. it is not just job creation and helping entrepreneurs grow. it is more having ladders of opportunity. that's what opportunity is all about. we are working with partners and the clinton global initiative and we want to tap in to the resources, amazing platforms of partners around the world and create ladders of opportunity. we have an idea like the university which is interesting. >> this is a food university. mind you total utopia. you described it, i won't put the words in your mouth but you want to make farming sexy, don't you? >> i told them we want to make farming cool again. what's happening with farming is the average anch age of farmers is 60. can you imagine that? we are trying to bring cool back to farming through university. we are talking everything from the minute you plant a seed to the minute it is served on a plate. the whole supply chain and we are bringi
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
's about, piers, we can't go on like this with unemployment this high and the government functionally bankrupt and chaos abroad. i think the debate's going to be about that. i think if they stay on the substance, i'm hopeful that governor romney should do very well, even if he fumbles a little bit because he hasn't been in this kind of a format before, because you know, i think the country knows we need change and i think if he stays on that message, he should do fine. >> are you setting the bar so low that we should now expect a fumble? >> no. he's a pretty good debater. i don't think he's going to fumble. i'm just saying that this debate's going to be about i believe the issues, which is where we are now and how we can fix it. and if it stays on that substance, i think that's what the voters will absorb rather than whether either one of them hems or haws a little bit. >> this is mitt romney joking about rob portman playing president obama in some of the rehearsals. >> do you know what he does on weekends? do you know what he does? he plays barack obama. can you believe that? he does
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)